Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks Xbox, now I can sleep!

The Autistic One loves videos. There is a movie playing at all times in his room, which is directly under my room. It has become a constant drone that I almost dont notice anymore...except at about midnight...when I'd rather be asleep. Once upon a time I had to get my tired self out of bed and slog downstairs to turn off the TV, but not anymore!

Xbox has this cool setting called Auto-Off. You can choose to have the Xbox turn off on it's own after being idle for 1 hour or 6 hours. Now after Gavin falls asleep his DVD player, aka XBox, turns of by itself! My lazy bod loves this setting almost as much as "mommy mode" in Left 4 Dead!*

Go right ahead and nag your kids to remember to turn off the lights but you will never have to remind them to turn off the XBox. Wo0t!**

~~~~~ ** ~~~~~

Implementing Xbox Auto-Off:
Go to the System Settings Dashboard page> Console Settings> Startup and Shutdown>Auto-Off
Choose 1 hour or 6 hours then press B to exit.
(for more info on using the Dashboard go to the XBox Basics tab)

*Left4Dead is an awesome zombie video game that has a setting that will play for you if you have to walk away from the console for a few minutes...perfect for when the kids are spray painting the walls! (yep, that happened...)

**wo0t...a term of excitement recently added to Websters Dictionary thanks to the gaming community. :)