Friday, February 22, 2013

How the GAEMS PGE saved my family

Ok that might be a smidge dramatic...but just a smidge. Buying the GAEMS PGE was the smartest investment in tech I've ever made in this house. Let me explain the whats and whys of the matter.

GAEMS PGE (Personal Gaming Environment) is a mobile case with a built-in screen that you can connect your gaming/multi-media console to and take anywhere. It is beautifully made, easy to use and easy to carry. When I first laid eyes on it I fell in love. I thought of the gaming systems I've been trying to place in hospitals for the last 5 years and a light went on: the GAEMS case is already put together and costs a lot less than our prototypes so THINK OF THE MANY PLACES THEY COULD GO!? I was so excited.

GAEMS G155 Sentry

Then the second reason I fell in love hit me...the Autistic One. Gav has broken every one of our beautiful flat screen TV's over the years, costing me a lot of money! Having a huge flat screen TV isn't all that important to me but being able to play Kinect in my living room, where there is space, is VERY important to me. It's my workout. I can't haul my own TV to the front room every day and if I leave it there I take the risk that the only TV I have left will end up broken. Now I just take my case to the room where I need it...workout...then put it back.

At first I thought that there was no way that the resolution of the screen could be very good, being so conveniently compact, but you have the choice of a 15.5" or 19" model featuring a gorgeous LED HD screen. It is perfect for gaming, watching videos or for use with any of the many apps on XBox. There is room to store your cords and accessories safely and you can buy a variety of skins to dress it up if you want! We love our GAEMS Sentry so much that I'm now saving up for a Vanguard.

There are so many possibilities with the GAEMS PGE:
You can be watching TV or a movie, making dinner or working at your home-office and keep an eye on your kids gaming experience right next to you. (yep, there are dual headset jacks)
Students: You can get one for your college kids' dorm room.
Military: The GAEMS PGE is PERFECT for our troops! The Soldiers in your life would be SO grateful to receive one.

I know of many people with parents in retirement living who would love this too. Hey, it happens! The first thing my dad bought when he retired was a gaming system. :)

Of course, If you have a loved one who has to sit through chemo, dialysis, or any long hospital stay...playing games or watching videos with your loved one is a welcome distraction and lifts spirits. How easy would it be to visit with a GAEMS case in hand!

The GAEMS company is about 20 minutes from me and recently I paid them a visit. They are a small group of awesome people, many of who I have known for awhile. I can tell you that a finer group of people you will never know. They are committed to the product, their employee's and to doing placing GAEMS cases in hospitals! HEY! What a great idea! (great minds) ;)

I realize this post seems like one big advertisement, but when I find something this awesome I have to share.

You can find GAEMS PGE at most retailers that sell TV and gaming entertainment systems and at online stores. And with that, I will leave you with a few links and photos. Go explore and enjoy!

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The G155 SENTRY:


(photos from GAEMS PGE website)