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XboxParent's first blog post, an introduction to my life as an Xbox Parent.

Kinect, Arcade and Zune Video, because DVD's don't taste very good

As I was considering my inaugural post, I thought about how Xbox has effected my children and my relationship with each of them. Since I have a gaggle of kids...there's a lot to think back on! First let me give a few warnings...

I will tend to do this ---> ;) or this :) and sometimes when I just don't get it....this 0.o ... I realize this is very unblogworthy but I can't seem to help myself. I started texting before there were emoticons so it's a habit, bad or good...its mine. 

I will say "amazing" and "awesome" too much and I'm bound to mess up with grammar.

Also, I will talk about my family...it's what I know and my main focus in life. 

So with that...back to XBox and each of my amazing kids. (don't get me wrong, they aren't all on honor rolls, they're just amazing to me)

My oldest child Bri is an amazing woman, married to a PhD and mother to my 4 grand daughters. She grew up in the video game world but after graduating college and having her children, she strayed. Her brilliant mad-scientist husband, Dr. Ben, knew too-well if he had an Xbox he would never put down the role-playing game, so they avoided it. How could I stand for this when I could be chatting up my granddaughters through Kinect? So as a good mom and gramma, I gave them one. :) Of course RPG's are forbidden in their home but they now have some pretty awesome Kinect games for their girls, Video Kinect for Gramma and a reliable DVD player. 

Which brings me to the amazing thing that is Zune Video and my son Gavin. You will read a lot about him here, as the Autistic One he is the center of our lives here at XboxFamily central. Once upon a time Gavin had a compulsion to microwave our DVD's. Besides the smell, oily residue left all over the inside of the microwave and obvious lack of interest in eating a DVD, I was just plain tired of having to re-purchase our movie library every few days. Enter Zune Video. The greatest thing invented for those people who don't want a house full of DVD cases, hates the inevitable hunt for the misplaced favorite DVD and who find scrubbing microwaves tiresome. Not only does Zune allow you to rent movies, you can buy them! See? Amazing! I can play my fave movies without getting up. Even better, I can play said movies through my XBox, Windows Phone 7, tablet and laptop. (I dare you to carry your DVD library in YOUR messenger bag). I can be enjoying LoTR through my XBox, leave off at chapter 152 and pick right up at chapter 153 on my Windows phone and watch while waiting in the school pick-up line. Seamless. Getting yourself a Zune account and building your DVD library is liberating. You should try it. You will have more space, more time and more entertainment. Coincidentally...three of my favorite things. :)

Next, my two sons, Grant and Gunnar ...THE quintessential gamers. They excel at every game they touch, and can leave you laughing yourself to tears when you have the good fortune to be in a game with them. They are the total entertainment package. They defy those naysayers who want to say Video Games ruin your children. "Not so!" I say, as I marvel at Gunnar's report card and the beaming 168% he has in Physics. "How does one exceed 100%", I wonder...well, it IS physics...and Grant who first introduced me to Xbox LIVE many years ago...he is a successful man who is marrying a brilliant beauty next summer. Obviously my avid gamers have lives and are doing just fine. (disclaimer: I'm not saying that video games will give you math-defying grades and hot girls...) 

Then there's Lil. My little Lil took her Xbox Arcade console and bedazzeld it. She made it a work of art. It's appropriate that she has an Arcade console as she is a HUGE fan of Xbox Arcade. These game gems are the best. No having to drive to the store and shop, just shop from home and download. Our favorite is Hasbro's game of LIFE. I never thought it could be as fun as the old board game but it is! There's no set-up or clean-up and it's my time with just her. (of course, XBox LIVE makes it possible to play with all the kids from all of our respective homes if we so choose) Also it doesn't take up space in my closet! (one of my favorite things as you'll recall)

These are just a few of the ways Xbox touches our lives.I admit it, I watch Hulu and Netflix on my Xbox a LOT...I also love the music service...did I mention the settings? I will...I will get to all of it, and hopefully you will come along and enjoy Xbox as much as my family and I do.

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