Thursday, November 8, 2012

3rd annual Veterans Day Xbox Community Playdate

For several years now I have been having fun with my little gaming charity initiative called Gaming4Others. Through G4O I can host all kinds of gaming events for charitable causes...with that in mind let me tell you about Xbox Community Playdates. This is where once or twice a week Xbox highlights a gaming group, community or website by advertising about them at and on the Xbox dashboard (go to Games>Extras>Events) and invites gamers to join the staff of those communities to play video games. Now put these two things together and you have G4O's Third Annual Veterans Day Community Playdate! *loud cheers and applause*

Each year around Veterans Day, rather than having the staff of Gaming4Others host a playdate, I find several veterans and soldiers to host and it becomes fun-filled night of playing and chatting with our awesome fighting forces. The younger gamer's especially love this event and seem to be full of questions for the vets and soldiers, who love hosting too!

The Veterans play date is tomorrow night, 11/9/12, and the game will be Halo 4. We will have a great prize to give away as well. We'll put the gamertag of each person who participates in a hat and draw for a brand spanking new Gaems G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment. These beautiful cases feature a 720p EL-LED flat screen TV and an HDMI port for your gaming console. It's perfect for dorms, barracks and for travel. For our family its the BEST way to play Kinect in the living room then put away the TV when we're done. The Autistic One has broken way too many beautiful flat screen TV's so this has been a real blessing for us! It's super portable so it can go anywhere and also makes it easy to monitor your kids gaming time.

A HUGE thanks to the CEO of Gaems, Dean Mercier, for donating the prize. (its worth $250!) So tell your kids to send a game invitation request to one of the gamers listed below and they will have a great experience!

BMG Orphan
TTL Killer
DeeJay Knight
AoR Dex
Cha0s Mar1ne

When you're done gaming there are some cool places you can check out that helps our Veterans and Soldiers:

At Gamers Outreach Foundation, Project GoKart provides gaming kiosks to Veterans and children's hospitals.

Also at GOF you can find Fun For Our Troops. FFoT provides games and gaming systems to soldiers all over the world. You can donate your old stuff or new stuff or you can put in a name of a loved one who you would like to see RECEIVE donations of games and equipment.

Able Gamers Foundation is an amazing community that has created games, controllers ad consoles that allows gamers of all abilities to play the games they love. Seriously...these guys are great and the controllers they've created are phenomenal!

Oh, Here's the prize! (Case only, Xbox and soldier not included)

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