Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gaming it up with the Community

Last spring we had a wonderful family game night in the community. Game system's old and new were brought together and I had a chance to teach some Kinect-ing with some families. Young and old participated and enjoyed an evening of Xbox goodness from Rock Band to Dance Central, Minecraft to Hasbro Game Night.

Game systems were set up all around the room...
A young gamer is checking out the goods while the folks line up for pizza.

Split screen awesomeness...

Dance, dance...


Little ladies playing Kinect Adventures

Of course the Gaems Case made an appearance (So easy to take and play!)...Yay Minecraft!

Good ol' Rock Band, still one of the best party games ever. :)

I think that most of the TV's and Xbox's came from my house ;) but I love to share fun and games with families, help them understand the system's a little bit better and connect with their children and friends. :) Some of my favorite overheard remarks: "Wow I had no idea!" "This is SO fun" and of course, "I have to get this!"

Mission accomplished. :)


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