Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gavin the Famous!

Recently I was contacted by an amazing lady named Ali who said she was fascinated by my story working with Xbox and the Autistic One, who loves video games. next thing I knew we had gone Hollywood! ;)

A film crew came to the house and set up all of their cool gear, the hair and make-up lady did my hair and make-up and ACTION! We are a mini documentary for Xbox's 48 Million Stories campaign. You can find us on the Xbox dashboard under the new XboxOne or on YouTube.

Or you can find us here! :)

That was our 15 minutes of fame...and it was a lot of fun. Gavin is a lot more animated than this but I think he was a bit in awe of it all.

A few weeks later, Gav's very old Xbox was laid to rest. *sniff* Word got around that he was without and the next thing we knew a wonderful anonymous person had a shiny new XBox delivered to us via Kari Finn, my amazing Xbox MVP Lead.

A Very Happy Boy :)

It is lovely to know that this world has many giving people in it. Not only was Gavin thrilled but my other kids saw a lovely thing happen and will pay it forward one day.

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